Whenever possible, it’s my intent to visit local medical equipment stores to verify the claims of manufacturers whose products are displayed on this website. Though I have experience working with many independent living aids custom essay custom essay writing the industry and its products are constantly evolving. Given this, a “trust but verify” approach assures quality items are promoted.

Links to books, articles, travel blogs, sites for seniors and handicapped individuals considering reentering the work place are also be included to provides another avenue of support for readers. Comments, product reviews, questions and suggestions for the website are invited. I hope you will find both informative and enriching.

Promoting Adaptive products which allow seniors and the handicapped to have the quality of life they deserve.
Our call to action is to be the leading affiliate provider of independent living aid products for people with varying physical needs. We continually search for useful tools, appliances, equipment, and rehabilitation products. We strive to meet our goal of helping all individuals accomplish daily tasks less difficult and life more

Specializing in senior aids and disability care products that help make life easier.

Caregiver Products has researched different brands of adaptive devices to better support those whom the caregivers assist in bathing, feeding, dressing, positioning and transferring.
It can be frustrating trying to care for yourself or someone in your home. To help with this we promote adaptive eating utensils, special plates, writing tools, bathing aids, positioning pillows and other independence aids to enhance your daily living activities.
Using the correct adaptive equipment will allow seniors to remain independent or require less assistance. Whether it’s driving aids or folding sliding transfer bath seats, there are many assistive devices to help people function better.

We make every effort to provide our customers with quality products and competitive pricing.
Mobility Aids

Our mobility aids include canes, rollators, scooters and wheelchairs and accessories for the elderly, seniors, the handicapped and physically impaired.
Exercise/Recreational Equipment seeks to provide a large selection online essay help of exercise equipment from hand exercisers, to stretching devices and strength building for the elderly, seniors and handicapped. It also works hard at listing fun recreational equipment, games and toys for adults and children.
Dedicated to providing daily living aids for in home care that make a difference in the lives of our customers.