React Sidekick Personal Panic Button

$75.00 $60.77

0-50 feet range from smartphone

• Water resistant
• 1+ year battery life
• Comes with wearable activity clip and key chain carabineer clip
• Works with iPhone 4S and newer iPhone models and Android devices that support LE Bluetooth 4.0

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React Mobile Sidekick

Personal Safety Solution – Peace of Mind at Your Fingertips

React Mobile is a powerful personal safety app that turns your smartphone into a powerful lifeline. Our safety app features a ‘Follow-Me’ feature that lets you share your location with friends and family so they can track your whereabouts in real-time and follow you to safety. Perfect for running alone, meeting new clients, keeping track of loved ones or for students walking alone through campus.

• An app alone is not enough – pairs with the React Mobile app via LE Bluetooth 4.0
• Get help fast! One click activation when phone screen is locked or phone is out of reach
• Let a wide network including the local authorities know where you are and that you need help
• Modular gender neutral design – comes with carabineer and activity clip for multiple use options