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This product topic was not chosen because it will make the most money in custom contact paper the least amount of time. It was selected because I have professional background and personal experience to assist others meet their needs.

My father’s side of the family has a neuropathy, Charcot-Marie-Tooth, associated with Muscular Dystrophy. It became prevalent with his mother and manifested through various symptoms with my father, uncles, cousins, my brother and me. Intense hands-on care was needed for my father when he also developed late in life diabetes. I also cared for my mother who had old, age, stroke related dementia.

In caring for my parents I experienced and learned from many situations which gave me insights into the natural aging cycle, neuro-muscular degeneration, dementia, skin sores, eating problems, mobility and numerous health issues related to caring for others. It is that through LivingAidsForIndependentSeniors.com I can help others to better maintain their own or a loved ones independence.

In a Reader’s Digest Condensed version of my background I studied from the first grade to a sophomore in undergraduate school to become a rolex falsi professional actress. At nineteen my Muscular Dystrophy came out of remission and I switched my major to Psychology (formally my minor) to complete my Bachelors degree. I then earned a Masters in Vocational Rehabilitation. After working several years in the helping profession I wanted to get back to my acting roots. So that I could know how to fund and operate my own film production company I earned a Masters degree in Business and became an international loan broker.

I also studied film production and script writing. This led to my being a co-producer of a film production company based in London, England. All was great until both my parents became ill. I chose to care for them until they passed away. They were the best parents you could beg, borrow or steal so it wasn’t a hard choice. I continue to write scripts and hope to a finish my website, WeCreateCopy.com, to promote my ideas for research paper scripts and copywriting. I look forward to developing and expanding this website with an accompanying blog, Confessions Of A Baby Boomer/ A Gimp With A Limp Answers Your Questions, to assist others. Education

  • Bachelors in Psychology, BA
  • Masters in Vocational Rehabilitation, MEd
  • Masters in Business, MA
  • Certificate in Career Development Facilitation, CDF
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